Home Decor

Many people follow the advice of a decorator blindly, because they have never discovered their home decorating style. You can know your style by answering these four simple questions.

Am i contemporary or traditional?

counterIf you could live in any space that you pleased, what would it be? Perhaps your dream is to stay in an English country house, like the ones in a Jane Austen novel. Or maybe you are the type who is happiest in a relaxed contemporary setting where you can put your feet up on the sofa, and no one will mind. Knowing your “time type” will help you more easily navigate through the seemingly endless choices. And if you are a little of both, do not worry. Many great looking homes combine the two looks.

What color do i dream in?

Do you feel most comfortable in a room that’s easy on the eye? Do you love the energy of purple or red or orange? These days, fabrics and accessories come in just about every color of the rainbow. Walls can be painted a rainbow of colors, too. Knowing what colors make you feel happiest will help you choose a color scheme that’s right for you.

What would i like my home to express about me?

We all have interests and hobbies, so why shouldn’t the things we love surround us? Whether your interest is books, music, crafts, travel, or art, it’s important to incorporate the things you treasure into your home decor. For instance, instead of hanging a generic landscape picture over the sofa, why not frame a gorgeous quilt or a vintage travel poster for your favorite travel destination?

Who will share this home with me?

living roomDo you have children or pets? Is your home your refuge from the world, or your stage for entertaining? Knowing who will be using the space will help you determine how formal or informal your decorating plan should be. And being realistic about the wear and tear your most lived-in rooms will receive will help you in making sound decisions when choosing furniture and fabrics. If you’re having trouble answering these four questions, borrow some home decorating books from your local library or pick up a few home decor magazines at the grocery store. As you flip through the pages, take note of what styles and colors catch your eye. Then try this little exercise again. This time, you should be well on your way to discovering your personal home decorating style.